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We are Experts in the Sale and Purchase of Aviation Businesses

The keys to every sound business decision are solid information and proven expertise. Even the best pilot needs a navigator when exploring new and turbulent routes. That is where FBO Sales comes in.

In preparing to make one of the biggest decisions of your life – i.e., the sale or purchase of an FBO or other aviation-related business – it is vital that you perform your research and identify a representative that can guide and coach you through what can be an extraordinarily emotional, time-consuming and technically complex process.

At FBO Sales we strive to combine a lifelong passion for aviation with some of the most experienced industry veterans. We have assembled a team of experienced deal makers and aviation experts that is
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unique within the business mergers and acquisitions industry. Our experts include experienced deal makers, serial entrepreneurs, retired naval admiralty, career pilots and former FAA regulators.

As you weigh the high-stakes decisions that will affect your financial future, you will find comfort in our vast experience in the total management of complex business sales, including our skill in due diligence. The M&A and aviation professionals at FBO Sales relieve you of much of the burden and pressure associated with a sale, while maximizing the transaction’s ultimate value and bringing a seasoned, objective perspective to the entire mergers and acquisitions process.

Based at Scottsdale (AZ) Airport, FBO Sales is a subsidiary of Fox and Fin Financial Group, L.C., a merger and acquisition advisory and business sales firm with a 18-year track record and industry reputation for dedication to excellence in service and results.

Sellers: Achieving Your Sales Objectives

The sale of a business is an extremely complex process that poses many pitfalls for entrepreneurs who, while experienced in owning a successful business, do not have the same level of experience in selling a business.

As you prepare for the sale of your aviation business, you may be concerned about preserving confidentiality and maximizing transaction value. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the industry to market your company aggressively to a variety of direct and synergistic buyers while maintaining strict confidentiality standards.

When you retain FBO Sales to help you with the sale of your business, we do much more than simply list your company and help you market it. We provide guidance and insights that will help you create, clarify and achieve your personal objectives, whether they include retirement, creation of expansion capital, diversification of assets, ownership succession, or lifestyle change.
Buyers: The Right Acquisition

Are you an individual that wants to own a business and work in a field you are passionate about, or just want to pursue a unique business opportunity?

Are you a strategic buyer seeking to enhance the success of your companies or expand your market presence into different markets?

Are you a financial buyer is interested in leveraging your existing expertise and resources and applying them as the owner of a new company?

Are you part of a private equity group seeking to acquire or invest in privately held aviation related companies in order to maximize the rate of return on your investment capital?

Regardless of what type buyer you might be the experienced deal makes at FBO Sales understand your unique concerns and needs and will help you find the right deal and get it successfully across the finish line.
“One of the most important questions you should be considering is this: How do I find a broker that knows
my industry and can accurately represent it to ensure I get the best price possible?”

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